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Hitlery Supports Islam Over Christianity do most if not all leftarded criminals.

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bill and hillary clinton(I wrote and published this in The Bob Livingston Letter in September 1999 during Bill Clinton’s illegal NATO war on Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War on behalf of the Muslims. It is once again pertinent in light of Hillary Clinton’s seemingly inevitable march to the Democratic Party nomination for president and her ongoing ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through her chief of staff — both in the 2008 election, during her time at the State Department, and in the current election: Huma Abedin. Abedin is the daughter of Saleha Mahmood Abedin who, along with the wife of former Egyptian President Mahammed Morsi, ran the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood. It explains the deep politics behind the Clintons’ ties to the New World Order.)

The following is a revelation of the direct tie-in of the Clinton administration and the New World Order. You are not supposed to get this translation. You will not hear it aired publicly. This is a peek into Bill and Hillary’s politics. It gives understanding and background.

Julia Duin of The Washington Times reports, “Muslims say Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most sympathetic First Lady on Islamic concerns to ever grace the White House.” (July 27, 1999, A4.) HRC and daughter Chelsea graced the cover of The Muslim Magazine last spring, both wearing hijabs, the traditional head covering dress of Muslim women. The Muslim Magazine is published by the Islamic Supreme Council of America, which is in secret occultic affiliation with well-known American secret societies.

HRC has called for Palestinian statehood, winning her even more Muslim accolades. Three years ago HRC opened up the White House for Eid el Fitr celebrations, including a Muslim feast, as part of the Islamic celebration of their “holy” month of Ramadan. The Muslim Magazine exalted, “The fact that the event took place within the walls of executive power is a seal of recognition of Islam in America.” Turnip-shaped minarets adorn multi-million dollar Muslim mosques, shrines, temples and schools in the U.S. In addition to the American temples of secret societies, they are springing up like weeds in virtually every American city.

In March, Mrs. Clinton was dispatched on an official U.S. diplomatic mission to three Islamic nations. She spoke in Cairo, praising Islam as a “religion of tolerance, of cohabitation, and not one of violence and extremism. It is a religion which defends human rights and honors the human being.” Lies, of course, but never has the First Lady had such effusive praise for Christianity, the religion of the West and supposedly the religion of her own Methodist faith. HRC’s words and actions reveal her fidelity to universalism, or the worldwide religion of man, known by several names and covers.

For his part, President Clinton has issued proclamations each year during Muslim high “holy” days, celebrating this Islamic power. You will recall that I quoted him in these pages several months ago in this regard, when Muslim “holy” men from all over the U.S. were welcomed into the White House to stand by their man and defend Clintonian (im)morality during the impeachment hearings. As Chronicles magazine noted, there is no separation of mosque and state with the Clintons.

Abe Hirschfeld’s newest endeavor for mass consumption, Talk magazine, has been all the media rage for its premier edition (September 1999), an interview with HRC by Lucinda Franks, in which HRC blames child abuse for Bill’s sexual predation. Talk also reveals what it calls the “spiritual intensity” of the First Lady. The lead paragraph of the report describes HRC standing barefoot, outside a mosque in Cairo, her head covered in Muslim fashion: “Quietly declining the slippers set aside for privileged visitors, she walks barefoot into the ancient mosque like a common Egyptian woman, her face turned away from the reporters and photographers.” Such humility. Such devotion to Allah!

What gives here? Why is the “liberal” Hillary Rodham Clinton sporting such “conservative” Muslim attire, which symbolizes alleged female subjection and inferiority in Islam? Why are the Clintons so outwardly supportive of a religion that makes cultural, religious and military/terroristic war on the Christian West? And what about those Muslim terrorists? There is evidence linking U.S. intelligence agents to the Muslim bombers of the World Trade Center — in fact, as their trainers and suppliers in bomb fusing and detonation. Also, the U.S. and NATO invaded a nominally Christian, Western nation (Serbia) on behalf of Muslim interests and the Muslim Kosovars. It is the first time the Christian West has turned its back on brethren and joined with the moorish hordes invading Europe. What goes on?

The Clinton religious and political agenda revealed in Islam is merely part of a general, gradual, revelation of the secret, universal religion of the New World Order. The occultic, Gnostic, Hermetic religion of the global elite is Oriental in origin but universal in its manifestation and effects, thanks to secret orders and societies and thanks to mass exoteric programming which shields the single religion with a confusing, array of seemingly separate faiths. Not one in a million can see it; those of you who can enjoy an insight, verge on a spiritual revelation.

On one hand, HRC can appear to be “conservative” while propagating Islam, and “liberal” when promoting Jewish interests. For example, consider that HRC just received the Henrietta Szold Award from Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. According to Shoshana Bryen of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (which nation?), “Mrs. Clinton has been exclusively in favor of more government control, larger government programs and the socialization of medicine.” Hadassah and HRC are both widely known for their vehement public protest in support of abortion — the murder of unborn children — which is surely a crime under the moral law of the true Christian religion. HRC’s and Wild Bill’s platform is, therefore, easily recognized as that of the New World Order. It is the political platform spawned from occult beliefs.

On a practical basis, HRC’s reward is 1.6 million Jewish and 800,000 Muslim votes in New York, should she run for the U.S. Senate.

Is anybody watching? She has an equal appeal to Muslims and Jews. She has learned well her husband’s political strategy of “triangulation,” which itself is an occult formula derived from occult Kabbalic alchemy and iconography (the triangle being a symbol of phallic worship and power, as well as the modern symbol of sodomite revolution). It is no coincidence that the Skull and Bones Order initiate, Texas Governor George W. Bush, has also adopted this “triangulation” strategy to gather unprecedented Establishment and popular support for his candidacy for president. Bill, Hillary and “W.” as he is fondly called by the CFR-dominated media try to be all things to all people. “Diversity” is their mantra for the masses.

Triangulation is universalism. In politics this is the art of appealing to all ethnic groups, classes and races. The idea is to get the political support of all factions as the most direct route to winning an election and political power. There is no moral commitment to anybody or any thing except to Satan who controls the world system. This is why the only certainty about politics is deception. Bill and Hillary get the highest awards for immorality by Christian standards.

The masses have been deceived about religion as much as they have about politics, and probably more. Religion underpins the actions of all men, including the “wise men” of the Gnostic, occultic New World Order.

Gnosticism is the rule of the “knowing” global elite. Secret societies in the West unite seemingly opposing religious factions by the means of universalism. Yes, sure, this fact is as unacceptable to the programmed, propagandized masses as is the fact of political control through two seemingly opposite but unified parties. Only the naïve and controlled masses accept religious and political propaganda at face value.

The file of documentation proving the anti-Christian, anti-American communism and globalism of the Clintons, going back to their school days, is thick. In what is the most under-reported story of the year, we know, too, all about the Clinton administration’s subsequent high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people and nation, including treason for Red Chinese campaign cash, according to the testimony of Johnny Chung. The fact that Americans continue to accept the Clinton crime wave, refusing to hold him and HRC to account, is reason enough why the Clintons can now reveal their religious motivations, also with impunity. By revealing who and what they are during today’s reign of multiculturalism, the Clintons can lead the way as the New World Order begins recruiting Islamicized soldiers and citizens for total war on the American Christian tradition.

Americans no longer care about their own country, which is why it is theirs no longer. America is now the nation of the universalists. America has been pluralized, diversified and Orientalized. Because no one cares and because nothing will be done, the global power has decreed that it can now be revealed to the masses that America is the nation of Islam. It is the most under-reported story of the century.

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