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Conservative guesses ‘global warming’ is real cause of libtardation

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Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I admit it. Global warming is real and is warping Americans’ brains. Either that or Democrats are really, really dumb. They voted for Barack Obama … twice. They think our economy is in “recovery.” Now they are getting ready to vote for Hillary Clinton. It must be global warming.

What else explains the stupidity, idiocy and delusion? What else explains the self-destructive behavior? What else explains Obama refusing to lift a finger to stop ISIS, in denial there is a problem,  after ISIS has already taken over half of Syria and Iraqi city after city, headed for Baghdad, while Obama keeps repeating the massive lie: “I have a plan.” A plan? Obama won’t even admit the “IS” in ISIS stands for Islamic State. Win the war? We aren’t even allowed to call a Muslim a Muslim! Can you imagine in World War II if we weren’t allowed to call Germans Nazis?

Your typical Democrat voter is either an idiot or maybe global warming is real and turning their brains to mush.

Every Democrat in the country screamed in shock and dismay when George W. Bush added $4 trillion in debt, yet they don’t see a thing, hear a thing or say a thing about Obama adding $8 trillion — and by the end of his second term $12 trillion, three times more.

Has global warming turned them all into brain-dead zombies?

Clinton erased 32,000 emails, promising they were none of our business. She wiped her server clean and refuses to discuss it. Her Democratic supporters say, “Nothing to see here,” and echo her famous, “What difference does it make?” Surely, they can’t be that stupid!

It must be global warming causing them to bury their empty heads in the sand.

Hillary, while secretary of state, collected $2 billion for the Clinton Foundation, mostly from foreign governments. Then those same countries were awarded government contracts and awards. Anyone else would be tried for treason and bribery. A Republican doing the same thing would be worried about spending years in prison, not the White House.

Obama and Hillary covered up the Benghazi scandal — arms dealing, a terrorist attack and murders — to win the 2012 election. What do her Democrat supporters say about all this? “What difference does it make?”

It can only be global warming hollowing out the brains of Democrats.

Hillary took millions of dollars in donations from governments that stone, whip and jail women for “the crime” of being rape victims. Yet she claims to be a hero for women’s rights and that Republicans are at war with women. What do Democrats say? “Right on, Hillary!”

Only global warming causing severe mental illness could explain this.

Hillary says she “fights for the middle class” while demanding $250,000 per speech, plus a private jet and the presidential suite at the fanciest hotel in town, while giving speeches at colleges where middle-class kids will graduate with massive debt and no job prospects.

Then she complains about CEO compensation while collecting $30 million in the past 16 months for selling her influence as secretary of state. Yet Democrats and young progressives ignore the blatant corruption and hypocrisy. Surely, they aren’t that stupid?

It must be due to global warming that has melted their brains to the point they couldn’t spell “cat” if we spotted them the “C” and the “A.” They just walk forward like zombies, eyes looking up through their skulls, mumbling: “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!”

Obama and John Kerry call “global warming” and “climate change” America’s biggest threat, worse than terrorism. They say we must reconfigure the entire U.S. economy and kill coal and oil to become a “green energy nation” while ignoring the fact that the green energy sham has destroyed the EU, left the continent in economic collapse, killed millions of jobs and produced youth unemployment rates of 55 percent or higher in “green countries” like Spain.

The media never mentions the “inconvenient fact” that the results in the EU are so bad even socialist leaders now publicly admit that green energy kills jobs and bankrupts nations. Nor do they mention that while the EU has scuttled the greenhouse gas emissions standards that killed economies, Obama demands we institute those same standards in America. Insanity.

How can it be that the mainstream media doesn’t think to mention any of this? How could Democrats not notice the tragedy in Spain, Greece, Italy or France? Green energy saves the planet while it destroys the economy. So you’re broke, living in misery, starving. And you’re breathing the same dirty air. Because no matter how many jobs you kill in the interest of saving the planet, China and India just keep doubling their pollution. So you’ve accomplished nothing — except ruining your economy. No one thinks to mention this?

Global warming is the only possible reason this is happening. It must be like heroin combined with crack cocaine and crystal meth. There must be a genetic weakness within the DNA of Democrats and the mainstream media.

Obamacare is a proven failure. How do I know? The two most liberal, brain-dead states where everyone loves Obama and big government have given up: Vermont and Hawaii. Vermont just closed its entire healthcare experiment. It went bankrupt. Obamacare exchanges across America are going broke – including in Hawaii. If Obamacare can’t work in Hawaii with a small population and $205 million in taxpayer subsidies, it can’t work anywhere.

Then, there are cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore that have been run 100 percent by Democrats and progressive policies for 50 straight years. All are bankrupt, abandoned, violent, crime-ridden hellholes. Residents, in all but the most affluent neighborhoods, live in misery. After pouring billions into them, their schools are a disaster. Drugs are sold in broad daylight. No one can walk the streets at night; violent animals rule. But Democrats want to use the exact same policies to “save” America.

Global warming has to be the cause, and it must turn Democrats into brain-dead zombies.

America, under Obama, has become a low-wage, part-time economy with close to zero gross domestic product growth. Obama has presided over a record 40+ straight months of 46 million or more citizens on food stamps — a permanent underclass living in misery, just like in Cuba, Venezuela and Greece. Why would anyone be surprised? Obama is using the exact same progressive policies as the socialists in Cuba, Venezuela and Greece. But Democrats don’t notice.

I can only think global warming is the leading cause of blindness and deafness in Democrats.

Something has obviously dumbed down the young people. They are clueless that the Obama plan is printing trillions of dollars in new, fake money, thereby forcing the stock market to record heights.

That makes Obama’s biggest donors wealthy beyond their wildest imagination, but leaves the average middle-class kid with the bill: a crushing $250,000 of debt. They are graduating from college with massive debt and no opportunity for a decent job — to live in their parents’ basement in record numbers. Yet college grads vote Democrat because they get free contraception and abortion.

Global warming must be especially deadly to young brains, leaving holes the size of manhole covers.
My fellow Jewish Americans don’t notice Obama’s hatred of Israel and that every action proves he is on side of radical Muslims. “He is Israel’s best friend,” say delusional Jewish Democrats.

But Israelis know the truth. They see Obama as the worst American president by a landslide. It isn’t even close: 63 percent versus 16 percent for second place (Jimmy Carter). Forget global warming.

Israelis see Obama as the biggest threat to their existence.  

The results of this poll prove American Jews are living in a make-believe world of rainbows and unicorns. It has to be global warming.

The Amtrak crash proves anyone not admitting government is a failure is a complete, blithering idiot. Amtrak has lost more than $40 billion, and its results are still getting worse. So Democrats demand more government spending on Amtrak. Only a zombie or lobotomy victim would decide more spending will solve the problem after 40 years of failure, incompetence and waste of taxpayer money.

It must be the global warming because anyone who wants to waste more money on Amtrak also believes in the tooth fairy and the Loch Ness monster.

Something has created brain-dead zombies that ignore the obvious connection between Obama’s all-time record levels of spending, debt, taxes and regulations — and the fact that for the first time in the history of America, more businesses fail each day than open each day. Then those same zombies conclude: “I have the answer. Let’s add even more regulations.”

It must be global warming hollowing out their heads like a pumpkin on Halloween. Come to think of it, Democrats do have that same kind of smile as a jack-o-lantern.

Democrats don’t seem to notice the fact that Obama spent a billion dollars of your money to build and fix the defective Obamacare websites — money given to foreign companies, one of them run by Michelle Obama’s Princeton Black Alumni Association college classmate. That scandal alone should have led to Obama’s impeachment. But Democrats were too busy watching “Dancing with the Stars.”

Democrats don’t seem to notice health insurance premiums and co-pays have doubled and tripled for middle-class Americans (the group paying the bill) or that inflation is back, caused by massive jumps in healthcare spending.

No one seems to care, and the media don’t see a story.

They are living in the dark and silence at the same time.

Paul Krugman of The New York Times just wrote about the lies and fraud committed by George W. Bush over the Iraq war. Yet he doesn’t notice Obama committed massive fraud when he sold Obamacare by saying, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it,” and, “If you like your doctor, you can keep him,” and, “Obamacare will lower prices,” and, “Obamacare will lower the deficit.” Krugman never saw any of that.

It has to be global warming. It turns even Nobel Prize winners into idiots foaming at the mouth.
Liberals like Krugman hate bullying. It’s their cause célèbre. But they didn’t notice that Obama used the IRS in a widespread criminal conspiracy to target, intimidate, bankrupt and bully his critics, while trying to silencing free speech. Obama makes Richard Nixon look like Mother Teresa. Obama is the “mother of all bullies.”

Finally, liberals like Krugman don’t notice that progressive policies have turned Cuba into the country that time forgot, forever frozen in 1950. Those same progressive policies have led to food and toilet paper shortages in Venezuela. Those same progressive policies have left hospitals in Greece without painkillers or gauze.

Liberals don’t notice that big government, big spending, big taxes, big regulations, big unions and free healthcare cripple every nation and bankrupt every economy they touch.

Those are the same progressive policies that Obama has used to damage the U.S. economy beyond repair. We are in slow-motion disaster headed toward the end of America. The people who support and defend Obama and Hillary are clearly brain dead.

It must be super-charged rays of sun burning holes in their minds. Global warming must be shrinking brains to pea-size. It’s clear now: Democrats are being lobotomized.

Global warming must be real.

Either that or Democrats are so dumb and blind they shouldn’t be let out of the house without diapers and a security guard.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America and save us from the brain-dead zombies in the Democratic Party.

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